Cost of Attendance - 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 Russian Overseas Flagship Program will be offered at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Below please see the breakdown of program costs for Domestic Flagship students. (The cost is different for at-large applicants, who should contact American Councils directly for details).




I.  Tuition and Program Fees    
A. Tuition to Overseas Institution $5,300  
B. Administrative Fees $2,742  
B. Pre-Departure Orientation in DC $300  
C. In-country Orientation $100  
D. Excursions $1,000  
II.  International Travel, Visa, Insurance    
A. Airfare $2,537 Round-trip ticket with open return, hometown - Washington, DC - Almaty - home.
B. Visa $175 Kazakh visa, invitation, renewal of visa, registration, and required in-country medical tests. Visa not covered by Boren awards.
C. Insurance $657 Accident and sickness insurance provided by American Councils.  Includes medevac coverage. NB: Does not apply to students of University of Wisconsin-Madison who provide proof of medical coverage through the university. 
III.  Lodging    
A. Homestay $10,125 Homestay payments (room and board, including 2 meals on weekdays and 3 meals on weekends).
Payable to American Councils $22,936  
IV.  Estimated Living Expenses   N.B.: Estimated living expenses are included for planning purposes only, and are not remitted to American Councils.
A. Local Transportation $180  
B. Books and Supplies $300  
C. Meals $1,800  
D. Internet and Mobile Phone $180  
E. Checked Bags $200 The first checked bag is free; the estimated cost of each additional bag is $100 per trip.
Estimate additional costs $2,660