Domestic Flagship Programs

The following schools are the Russian Domestic Flagship Institutions.  For more details about each school, please click on the provided link to the school's homepage.  Applicants to the Russian Domestic Program have to contact the university or college of their choice directly with questions about the application process and terms of study.

All Domestic Flagship Institutions are funded by The Language Flagship.


Bryn Mawr College

Program goals: Through intensive individualized instruction with an emphasis on developing oral and written presentation skills the Domestic Russian Flagship at Bryn Mawr strives to bring students to the advanced-superior proficiency threshold (ACTFL; 2+/3 ILR), making them eligible to apply for the Overseas Flagship Program.

Eligibility: The program is open to all undergraduates of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges and to Russian-speaking students who are committed to attaining professional or superior-level language proficiency through an intensive language training program tailored to their professional interests and academic specialization. The program also accepts applications from part-time non-degree-seeking students.

Undergraduates who are currently enrolled at Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges and join the Language Flagship track are not required to major in Russian, although many choose to major or to double major in Russian and another content area.  Those who have had previous Russian language training in high school or who have a heritage language background in Russian can enter the Russian Flagship track at their current proficiency level, in accordance with the results of a proficiency exam (AP Russian exam or proficiency exam at Bryn Mawr College).

Funding: Some funding may be available to support summer study at the Russian Language Institute at Bryn Mawr College or overseas study through American Councils. Non-degree students are responsible for all tuition and fees for courses taken during the regular academic year. 

Sample accelerated curriculum plan for those who have had no previous Russian language training prior to entering the Russian Flagship track:

  • Level One Courses:

Russian 001 and 002:  Beginning Intensive Russian (Novice to Intermediate Low)

  • Level Two Courses:

Russian 101 and 102:  Intermediate Intensive Russian (Intermediate Low to Intermediate Mid)

  • Level Three Courses:

Russian 201 and 202:  Advanced Russian: a Content-Based Approach (Intermediate Mid to Intermediate High)  Russian 235:  The Social Dynamics of Russian Russian 380: Seminar in Russian Studies

  • Level Three Plus Courses (Optional Summer):

Russian 350 and 351:  Contemporary Russian Language and Media through summer overseas Flagship in Russia or Russian-speaking country in cooperation with American Councils

  • Level Four Courses:

Russian 350 and 351; Russian 375 and 376; and additional content courses during semester or Junior Year Abroad in Russia in cooperation with American Councils (Intermediate High to Advanced Mid/High)

  • Domestic Flagship Capstone Course:

Russian 390 and 391:  Russian for Pre-Professionals (Advanced Mid/High to Superior Low)

  • Overseas Flagship Capstone Course:

Russian Language Flagship in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Internship 8-10 hours per week

Application Guidelines: Prospective applicants should contact Tim Harte. For more information about the Russian Flagship Program at Bryn Mawr College, click here.

Indiana University


The Russian Flagship Program at Indiana University is designed to equip students of any major with professional Russian language skills and matching intercultural expertise. The flexible design of the program allows students to complete the Flagship curriculum in anywhere from 3 to 5 years. We work with students and advisors from any unit or school (including ROTC, the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, the Kelley School, the School of Education, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs) to make sure that they complete the required coursework for both programs in a timely manner.

Curriculum Components:

Flagship training has three components – domestic Russian language study, pre-capstone study abroad, and capstone study abroad. Domestic Russian language study includes 4 year-long foundational language courses and 2 semester-long content courses taught in Russian. To complete the pre-capstone study abroad requirement, students participate in an 8-week intensive overseas summer Russian language program at the secondary level. Students spend the final year of the Flagship in Almaty, Kazakhstan, enrolled in the capstone program administered by American Councils for International Education and completing a professional internship at a local or international company, institution, or organization.

Study Paths:

Students can join the program with various levels of language proficiency. We work with each student to create an individualized plan of study for meeting the program's domestic and overseas requirements. Students’ prior experience studying Russian as well as their commitment to the program will determine the length of their study in the Flagship. Motivated and hard-working students with no prior knowledge of Russian can complete the program in 4-5 years. To accelerate your progression, we encourage you to enroll in the IU Summer Language Workshop and complete a year’s worth of training in 8 weeks.

Innovative Learning for Innovative Students:

All Flagship students work with tutors and also participate in a range of co-curricular activities such as lectures, workshops, language tables, interest groups, Russian Flagship ambassador program, and local and national conferences. Students may also enhance their day-to-day Russian language experience by joining the Russian language cluster at the IU Global Living-Learning Community. Located in the freshly renovated Read Residence Hall, students can become part of a community of undergraduates who are passionate about learning foreign languages and cultures.

To learn more about the IU Russian Flagship Program visit or contact us at

Portland State University

The Russian Flagship Program at Portland State University is an innovative undergraduate Russian language program that permits students majoring in any discipline to achieve professional levels of proficiency in Russian by integrating their study of language into the university’s award-winning general education program, University Studies. Funded by The Language Flagship, an initiative of the National Security Education Program, RFP students will become tomorrow’s global professionals.

RFP has an Introductory Track for students with little or no prior experience in Russian and an Advanced Track for students who already read, write, and speak Russian well enough to participate in general discussions of academic topics. Students of both tracks take Russian language classes related to their general education program and to their major along with content classes conducted in Russian. RFP students spend one year at the Russian Overseas Flagship Center, where they combine coursework at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University with an internship. The program culminates with a Senior Capstone.

Introductory Track

Students in the Introductory Track take Beginning Flagship Russian, an intensive course that prepares them for intensive third-year Russian during Summer term. They enter the Advanced Track during their second year in the program.

Advanced Track

Students in the Advanced Track take a sequence of Russian across the curriculum classes that are aligned with PSU’s general education program as well as Russian in the Major, a sequence that prepares students for classes at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Senior Capstone

Flagship students work in teams to develop a Senior Capstone project. This portion of the Flagship Program makes use of international internships and is conducted in Russian.

For more information about Portland State University, please visit For questions about the Russian Flagship Program, please contact Program Coordinator Thalia Sophiana or Program Director Dr. William Comer.

University of California, Los Angeles

The UCLA Russian Flagship is open to all UCLA undergraduates who seek professional-level competence in Russian. The Flagship offers a rigorous, content-based study program of Russian language, culture, and society.

Applicants are admitted on a rolling basis at any level. Flagship study is open to any major and also counts towards a major or minor in Russian. Each Flagship student follows an individualized study plan, which includes mentoring by native speakers and Russian-language materials related to their major field of study. In addition, students who join Flagship at low and intermediate levels may pursue summer study in the U.S. or abroad. Summer study funding may be available through Flagship funding or National Security Education Program (NSEP) scholarships.

The UCLA Russian Flagship includes courses at UCLA and a year of study in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

All questions about the UCLA Russian Flagship program should be addressed directly to the UCLA Flagship Center.  UCLA students who would like more information, or want to set up an application and an OPI (oral proficiency interview), should contact Dr. Ronald Vroon to set up an interview and schedule an OPI.  Interested non-UCLA students should contact Susan Bauckus.

University of Georgia

The Russian Flagship Program at UGA is offering its first course in Fall 2018, Intensive Elementary Russian I. Registration is now open! Be a part of this exciting new program designed to develop rapid proficiency in the language through intensive courses, funded study abroad, and many other benefits. International career opportunities await! For more information:

University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Russian Flagship Center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison offers a rigorous, content-based program of study in Russian language and culture that aims to enable highly-motivated undergraduate students of all majors to achieve a Superior level of proficiency in Russian. The UW–Madison Flagship Center welcomes applications from highly-motivated undergraduates from all majors and at all levels of proficiency in Russian who seek to achieve professional-level competence in Russian.

Russian flagship students commit to a rigorous program of study. Requirements include completing the equivalent of 1st-4th year Russian language and the following required courses:

  • Slavic 433: History of Russian Culture
  • Slavic 434: Contemporary Russian Culture
  • Two elective area studies courses from the approved list OR two courses in discipline area, with a 1-cr. Russian language component.
  • One of the following courses: 

     - Research seminar

     - Capstone course in Russian

     - Slavic 705: Special Topics in Russian Language/Linguistics

The curriculum is designed to provide students with maximum flexibility, with accelerated course options during the academic year and over the summer in both the United States and in the Russian-speaking world. A Russian Flagship advisor works closely with each student to design an individualized study plan that is tailored to the student’s disciplinary interests.

In addition to meeting core course requirements, Russian Flagship students commit to participating in co- and extra-curricular activities such as the Russian Language floor, weekly Russian language tables, workshops, lectures, films, and social activities.

Flagship students who complete the required Flagship curriculum will be eligible to apply to participate in the yearlong Russian Overseas Flagship Program at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Students can begin the pre-Flagship track at any point, from first-year Russian to a more advanced level. Heritage speakers, that is, students who grew up in Russian-speaking families but have been educated primarily in English, are also encouraged to apply.

Applications for the Flagship program are accepted each year by October 15 and March 15.

For further information, please contact Dr. Karen Evans-Romaine, UW-Madison Russian Flagship Center Director (608-262-3499), or Dr. Dianna Murphy, UW-Madison Russian Flagship Center Associate Director (608- 262-1575).


University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Virginia Tech