Additional Academic Requirements

In addition to regular course assignments and examinations, all Russian Overseas Flagship students will also complete the following special academic requirements:

At the end of the fall semester in Kazakhstan, students must:

  • prepare a written report in Russian on what they have learned in the course of their specialization work at the university;
  • submit a portfolio of written work completed in their specialization course; 
  • deliver a ten-minute oral presentation in Russian on a topic of relevance to their specialization course; and
  • deliver a ten-minute oral presentation in Russian on the findings of their independent research project.

At the end of the academic year in Kazakhstan, students must:

  • submit a five-page written internship report in Russian;
  • submit a portfolio of written work completed for their internships (translations, publications, conference presentations, etc.); and
  • deliver a ten-minute oral presentation in Russian on a topic of relevance to their internship.

In addition, students submit weekly online Language Utilization Reports (LURs) throughout both semesters, as well as short internship reports on a weekly basis during the spring semester.