Overseas Curriculum

The Russian Overseas Flagship curriculum includes the following formal components: 

  • Dedicated language courses for Flagship students (phonetics, conversation, grammar, reading, writing, mass media, intercultural communication)

  • Independent Research Project

  • Special (direct enrollment) course in a student’s major at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

  • Internship at local Almaty organization (arranged by American Councils) 

  • Individual language instruction with tutors

  • Bi-weekly excursions

  • Optional Elementary Kazakh language lessons (twice a week)

The weekly structure for Fall and Spring Semesters differs slightly. During the Fall Semester, for Flagship language courses, students are placed into small groups (ranging from 3-5 students) and meet for up to 5 hours/day Monday-Thursday. Students participate in a course dedicated to their independent research project on Fridays, while bi-weekly cultural excursions around Almaty also occur on Fridays. Students also work with individual tutors at the university for one hour per day Monday-Thursday, during which they can go over homework, class material, or work on any issues they may be encountering. Additionally, students attend lectures/seminars for their specialization course at KazNU.

During the Spring Semester, students still meet for Flagship language classes and individual tutoring four days per week, but Wednesdays are dedicated for students to participate in an unpaid internship at a local organization. Students are expected to work a full day on Wednesday and must submit a weekly online internship report about their experience. All internships must be arranged through American Councils.